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CSI Etabs v20.1.0

ETABS is the ultimate integrated software package for the structural analysis and design of buildings. ETABS offers a single user interface to perform modeling, analysis, design, and reporting. There is no limit to the number of model windows, model manipulation views, and data views.

Design of steel frames, concrete frames, concrete slabs, concrete shear walls, composite beams, composite columns and steel joists can be performed based on a variety of US and international design codes.

ETABS offers a wide range of code-based design features for steel frame, concrete frame, cold form steel, and aluminum frame. View a full list of supported design codes:

Etabs v20.1.0 Enhancements

Structural Model

  • A new general shear wall hinge has been added, which consists of a pair of orthogonal P-M3 or Fiber P-M3 hinges, plus a linear or nonlinear shear material. These features allow the hinge to be used for modeling spandrels as well as piers, and to handle more complex wall geometries, such as near openings or geometry transitions. General shear wall hinges can be used for nonlinear static, staged-construction, and direct-integration time-history analyses.
  • The age of concrete at which loading is applied can now be specified for long-term cracked-section analysis. Previously, the age at loading was assumed to be 7 days.


  • The CSA A23.3-19 code has been added for concrete frame design.
  • The CSA S16-19 code has been added for steel frame design.
  • The CSA S16-19 code has been added for composite beam design

Data Files

  • The handling of time history functions defined in external data files with many data points has been significantly enhanced for speed.
  • New section-property database files have been added for steel sections produced by Indian manufacturers TATA, Jindal Steel Ltd. and APL Apollo Ltd.
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