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Download Etabs 2016 v16.2.0 (x86/x64)

Download Etabs 2016

Download Etabs 2016 v16, ETABS is the ultimate integrated software package for the structural analysis and design of buildings.

ETABS 2016 Enhancements
Slab Design
ETABS 2016 now gives users the ability to perform slab design with post-tensioning.

Integrated Strip Moment and Shear Diagrams
Integrated moment, shear, and torsion for design strips displayed onscreen and reported in tables.

Modeling of PT Tendons
Model PT tendons and allow consideration of post-tensioning in the design of concrete slabs within ETABS.

Slab Design Based on Strips
Model slab design strips that can be used for concrete slab design, within ETABS. American, European, British, Canadian, along with several additional international codes are available.

Punching Shear Check
Punching-shear design checks in concrete slabs at columns and load locations specified by the user. Overwrites for punching perimeters can be added as well as specifiying openings which affect the perimeter but are not explicity modeled.

Add Insertion Point Assignments to Slab or Wall Elements
Apply thickness overwrites on a joint-by-joint basis, allowing slabs and walls to have nonuniform thicknesses. Joint offsets can also be applied.

Automated Wind and Seismic Loads added for NBCC 2015
Wind loads include torsional moment.

Automated Floor Vibration Analysis for Heel Drop Effects for Long Spans
Define vibration analysis paths on floor slabs, along with parameters defining demand and capacity. Automated time-history analysis is performed for each case.

Energy Plots for Direct Integration Time History Analysis for Performance-based Design
Step-by-step energy plots and tabular results available for nonlinear direct-integration time-history load cases and for nonlinear static/staged-construction load cases.
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what is the password of kg_file ?

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yes, the keygen does not have password, thanks

highly appreciated. thank you very much for sharing

The keygen was died! Pls fix it!

the keygen not work please checking.

Can't open kg, please help
It alerts:
"Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

I copied a license file 'lservrc' to the ETABS folder.
Then, I did disconnect internet cable from my PC.
But the license file can not be recognized in ETABS.
What shoul I do next ?

I found a solution how to set a license file in ETABS.
See, below Youtube


Thanks for the software , i appreciate your efforts

thanks a bunch!

The password is:

I cannot install because it display NET framework 4.0 appear to fail.
Please !!!

it is working. i tried on my computer

Download and install "NET framework 4.0" separately.

whats the password for kg file

The password is:

what is activation key , plz sir help me..

To activate the program you have to use the keygn.

Hey , thanks for your effort
where do I exactly paste the (Iservrc) file ??

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keygen link is not working.... pls help me

sir where can i find the license

sir can u please send me the video of yours for setting license to my email which is

I cant access the link for the keygen, can you please email the keygen file to me personally >?!

The link is at the end of the post.

The password is:

Mine not showing the "add design strips" option(post tension slab design)
how to fix this?
ps: it keeps showing this while loading for startup : "unhandled exception in your application. if you click continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately. Could not load file or assembly 'CSI.ETABS.AllInOneDllx64.dll' or one of its dependencies. The specified module could not be found"
how to fix that too?

license file can not be recognized in ETABS.
What shoul I do next ?

Funciona perfecto. Gracias por el aporte.

Etabs.v16_kg Link doesn't seem to work??

Where i can find keygen or crack now, as you removed from website, any other place where we can download?

thanks for sharing
very helpull

the keygen app itself is missing in the folder. only the instruction is there. help?

Can you mail Keygen to

Can you mail Keygen to

Can you mail Keygen to

Etabs.v16_kg Link doesn't seem to work??

I also have the same problam................
please give the solution please

I checked and the link is working correctly.

Where to paste the license file in windows10?

license not recognized... please update. thanks!

Please update the license, it is still for version 16.0.2 not for 16.0.3

The license generator is the same. It works perfectly.

The password is:

link for kg is not working
wt can i do pls

keygon of etabs 2016 is not downloadable

I checked and the link is working correctly.

Can you mail Keygen to

cant access link other popup open

Thanks for sharing, i went through i see you had to answer alot of questions repeatedly. I read a couple time to ensure this isn't asked twice hope i didn't miss it. Whats the fix for the program saying License no recognized Program will terminate.

I faced to this as well.
Any solution?

automated wind loading is not working ,even manual applied wind loading is also not working .............kindly fix it

sir kindly tell me pasward for above software which name is csi etab 2016

i cant download
can u tell the process plss ?
does it require money ?

the keygen doesn't work !!!

'lservrc' that made after kg clicking, it is copied and pasted to program installed location(win 8.1). after that the etabs 2016 should run . BUT, it says' license is not recognize ,program will shut down.' is it my hardware problem??? pls,help.
but , thanks for your effort and sharing.

could not download keygen

The license generated only last for a certain number of days, since the crack is for 16.0.2, and 16.0.2 was released last year, the crack probably expired. Try changing your PC date to 2016

For those who are having a trouble with the license generator. Before you run the generator, revert your system calendar to the date the license generator was "modified" then run the license generator. Do not revert you system calendar yet, try running ETABS first before reverting your calendar to the correct date. Cheers!

password works for kg and x86
but not for x64

dear to server, please would you mind help me that, as i am a university student of Engineering am using your CSI site for Learning purpose and i already install Etabs 2016 and the problem is that after i designed a G+5 Story buildings i Model and Analysis as well as Designed it properly, but the problem is the Software does not work when i try to design the detailing that means, when i Run the Detailing it says "Problem occurs and contact with CSI server." so how can i solve it please??? Help me any one in addition to the Admin. am waiting to get your help.

when i run the detailing it is not working properly. So how can i fix the problem please??

Problem of Run Detailing occurs on Etabs 2016 so how can i fix it please ??

Sir, what's the password for the setup and kg file? both of the files require password.

thank you .. <3


Link for keygen is wrong (((

Lic key generator isn't downloding...

The download is free, you just have to skip the advertisement.

Hi, link to keygen is not working. Please help! Thanks

I also have the same problem. Some one find the solution???

I found the solution,i change the date during the installing.exam: 7/25/2017-> 7/25/2016

I have recently downloaded this. in the beginning of the soft wear there is massage saying that i have licence for less than one month time (exactly 21 days from today) is this some problem with the crack ? or a problem with my system.

Hum...mine says I have 95 days left on Standalone License. Is it gonna work just for three months??

Please, can you help me with the license key ?

I have my license will expire in 9 days, what should i do to renew my license?

please send keygen file to my email id

Link is still alive. Not Dead.

license file 'lservrc' is unique for individual computer.
It must be created in computer that you installed Etabs.

Disable Anti-Virus Program.

Licence don't work .. please help me Brother

The password is:

Thank you so much for posting civil and structural engineering softwares. You took a very good effort to help civil engineers to download all softwares in simple way. When i need any software, First iam checking in Also i suggested civilabc to my friends. Congrats. Expecting new versions of softwares in future.

please someone send v16.2 keygen file to

keygen link not working. Error 404 not found

Error 30 licence ñot recognized

What's the solution

please, someone send me keygen file on thanks

no need for keygen. Do you need me to send the latest step of my country broke for the installation board? If you agree to use it then I will help you and guide you to install it. If you agree, please reply to my mail. I'm from viet nam

please Idont The Password of Etab 2016

unable to download key Generator Please send Etabs 2016 key Generator at

try this as password

Is it just me or do the tabs on top do not work?

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unable to download key Generator Please send Etabs 2016 key Generator at

hi i am not be able to download etab from the given link because when i go to given link it shows somthing earn money add,please help me out here or else send me the link to

I installed successfully but after using crack exe and adding license file in installation directory when i run the program and checked license info, it shows 36 days left on Standalone License.
What next after 36 days...
Do you have any other crack etc?

right click at skip add then open link at new tab

Unable to find a license. Please check that you have a valid Standalone license or valid Network license is available. To help find a network license add LMHost.ini file with server name to application folder or system environment variable to server name.

Can help me please how to sovle that prob?

after clicking the link, it was just ad. pls help. thank you.

also, why shouldnt the program be connected to the internet? and windows defender tags it as a threat (trojan). thank you.

Hi.. can you email me at

highly appreciated. thank you very much for sharing.....

I installed successfully but after using crack exe and adding license file in installation directory when i run the program and checked license info, it shows 17 days left on Standalone License.
What next after 17 days.....
Please help me out....

Please provide updated crack.....

you can use it , after 17 days when you want to use etab you can adjust date time and when you open etab you can adjust date time again to use internet

i have been crack suscessfully yesterday..... crack is fine

sir : is there any update for licences ?
can you update it ?
thank you.

The generator has already been updated.

bro ... you are the BEST... Thank you very very very Much..... Merci

good work, my man ;)

can we have 2017?? haha just sayin... thanks btw :)

the lisence has expired. how to extend it??

keygen link please, existing can't down

Hi The Keygen link does not work as per my ISP , please help with the keygen on

YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO ACCESS THIS WEB PAGE AS PER THE DOT COMPLIANCE. This is coming when I am trying to download the keygen. Please help

YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO ACCESS THIS WEB PAGE AS PER THE DOT COMPLIANCE. This is coming when I am trying to download the keygen. Please help. My email is

How you have crack ETabs....plz help me...

please email keygen at

respected person,
i can not download KEYGEN...i have clicked many times but it isnt working....Can you help me with this...?

license not recognized, # error 120 , program will terminate, this is coming after i followed all your instructions, please help

did you get a solution?!

CSI.Etabs.2016.v16.2.0_x64 password please?

try keygen from,
for me it works

how to download kg

Thanks! Excellence :)

very good pro for civil engineering

Thanks great work

would you tell me the download procedure?

the password for etabs x64 is : civilabc

This comment has been removed by the author. - Delete

keygen url is blocked, please update

keygen link is dead, please update

why the apps can't extract from .rar ?

Use the latest version of winrar.

Keygen link was not opening, please fix it.

enter activation key for your standalone license?

Password not functioning. Pls assist. Thanks

Internet diconnected, Etabs installed, licence generated and pasted in the install directory. But it still says "license not recognized, # error 120 , program will terminate". I dont understand why.. I changed the date to 2016 also but still failed.

make sure that your firewall is locking etabs from the internet

my pc says the license is not valid how can i fix it

this version etabs 16.2 not have strip desing slabs?. check...

Software do not downloaded

Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.

Lic.Generator (Updated until: 2018-10-18),

Does this work on windows 10???

how to install in this software?

it is nor working properly in my windows 10

hoe to download file here pls tach me someone

how to get activation key for standalone license

can you tell standalone key for standalone license

license expiring in 25 days , please update the keys fast or upload 2017 edition

License expires in 26 days, Please update keys.

the license will expire in 25 days?

Hello everyone!
Can someone give me new file crack software ETABS 2016.2.1, please?

thanks for sharing

Hi.. do you have any new update on license generator? The recent license only have 19 days left. Thx

Can't open kg, please help

Can you mail me keygen on

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