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CSI CSiPlant v7.1.0

CSiPlant, pipe stress analysis and design software. CSiPlant is an integrated engineering software product for analysis and design of piping systems and frame structures, including piping code compliance checks with stress-intensification and flexibility factors that are automatically calculated and applied.

CSiPlant offers advanced analysis technology to piping and structural engineers working in the process, power, pipeline and offshore industries.

CSiPlant uses elements, pipe support types, and modeling approaches familiar to piping and structural engineers in the process and power industries.

Piping and structural frame models can be rapidly created and modified using CAD-like drafting tools which snap to objects, grid intersections and global axes. In addition, CSiPlant offers automatic alphanumeric labeling of node points and elements, intuitive Insert and Assign commands, and keyboard shortcuts, enabling engineers to utilize a variety of modeling options to quickly build, modify, and review their analysis models.

Pipe supports include Anchors, Guides, Line Stops, Vertical Stops, Rod Hangers, Snubbers, and Spring Hangers.

CSiPlant v7.1.0 Enhancements

Piping design: Piping design has been implemented for the following ASME codes: B31.1-2020, B31.3-2020, B31.4-2019

Structural mode

  • Expansion joints in pipelines can now be modeled. Types include single, hinge, and gimbal.
  • Distributed soil supports can now be modeled along pipes that follow the recommendations by American Lifelines Alliance.

Loading: Pulsation loads due to reciprocating pumps and compressors can now imported from BOSpulse as a time history load case.

Analysis: Speed improvements have been made for nonlinear analyses that involve a large number of load patterns.


  • The time to create animations has been significantly decreased.
  • Model objects can now be displayed by color based on object type, section property, material, pipe property set, pipeline, and group.


  • A new command has been added to rotate model objects about any axis.
  • Valves assigned with concentric and eccentric component weights are now distinguished graphically.
  • Replicate and mirror commands now include the option to select points on the model for determining the offset distance.

Output and display: Custom filters are now available for non-numeric columns in the display tables.

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