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Autodesk Infraworks 2023

InfraWorks 2023: Model building and infrastructure design concepts with real-world context.

InfraWorks conceptual design software helps you model and understand design projects, in context. Use it to:

  • Aggregate volumes of data to generate information-rich context models
  • Streamline processes with conceptual design tools that incorporate engineering principles
  • Use compelling visuals to evaluate your designs and clearly communicate intent to stakeholders

Whats new

  • Added a Check for Updates feature for parametric bridge and tunnel component parts. 
  • Added Model Upgrade for linear features such as Decks, Girders, or Tunnel Segments. 
  • You can now use a Command Search to locate and use commands quickly.  
  • Create parametric models for InfraWorks using the the Style Palette.
  • Bridges and Tunnels: Added a file name path length check to the Publish Civil Structures command. If any intermediate file names generated through this command, including their paths, exceeds 245 characters, the civil structure will not export correctly and a message will be displayed in the Message Log.
  • We no longer charge for the usage of InfraWorks Watershed Analysis and Optimization.
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