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Autodesk Maya 2023

 Maya 2023: Create expansive worlds, complex characters, and dazzling effects. 3D animation and visual effects software.

Maya is professional 3D software for creating realistic characters and blockbuster-worthy effects.

  • Bring believable characters to life with engaging animation tools.
  • Shape 3D objects and scenes with intuitive modeling tools.

Whats New

 Updated USD plug-in for Maya: Updated Universal Scene Description (USD) support in Maya lets artists work seamlessly with USD in conjunction with Maya workflows.

Bifrost Bifrost introduces Bifrost-USD, combining the power of USD to assemble, organize, and edit assets non-destructively with the flexibility and friendliness of the Bifrost graph.

Introducing Blue Pencil: Brand new Blue Pencil tools let you create 2D drawings, text, and shapes in the viewport, perfect for animation blocking or annotating your scene file with notes and suggestions.

Improved Boolean Operations: Create and edit boolean operations in fewer clicks using the new Boolean node.

Improved User Experience: Maya has undergone a number of improvements for first-time and returning users alike. These include a new Application Home hub, Interactive Tutorials, Search, and Viewcube.

Mesh Wireframe Opacity: Alpha channels are now available in the Color Chooser, letting you set the opacity of the wireframe on objects.

What's New in Animation Performance: Maya 2023 includes several animation performance improvements to help speed up your work, including updates to Cached Playback, Evaluation Toolkit, and Bake Simulation options.

Retopology tools for Maya:
Updates to retopology tools in Maya enable artists to achieve enhanced results for their meshes.

Deformer updates:
New Retargeting and Mirror capabilities, Solidify scaling options, and extra Deformer falloffs have been added to the Maya deformation arsenal.

Additional Component Tag options:
New functionality has been added for Component Tags to give you more control over tag membership.

What's New in Modeling Performance: Additional performance improvements and tool updates speed up common modeling workflows and produce more predictable results.

New Sweep Mesh option: A new option has been added to the Sweep Mesh tool to let you choose whether to use single creator node or multiple creator nodes per curve.

Arnold for Maya 5.1.0 plug-in: Maya 2023 provides MtoA 5.1.0 which includes new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Create VR for Maya: Create VR for Maya is an immersive conceptual design tool that empowers artists and designers to start their creative process directly in 3D.

Operating System, Python, and PyMEL Updates: Maya 2023 has added support for Rocky Linux, and has a new minimum required version of macOS. Maya 2023 now uses Python 3 exclusively.

What's New in the Maya 2023 devkit: The Maya 2023 devkit includes a new minimum CMake version, new Blue Pencil APIs and commands, and several other changes.

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