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Autodesk Civil 3D 2023

Civil 3D 2023, comprehensive detailed design and documentation software for civil infrastructure. Civil 3D design software empowers civil engineers to realize tomorrow’s infrastructure, today.

  • Work with a model-based environment for better design decisions and project quality.
  • Streamline documentation with a design-driven approach to plans production.
  • Harness the power of BIM (Building Information Modeling) for greater design coordination and project collaboration.

Whats New

New in Corridor Workflows: Corridor solid property sets and corridor targeting have been enhanced.

New in Rail Workflows

  • US catalogs and conversion script: A basic US turnout catalog has been provided. In addition, a set of scripts has been provided for US catalog conversion. It is supported to convert a Microsoft Excel file of US turnouts into a US catalog.
  • Turnout catalog replacement: To enhance the catalog management workflow, an existing catalog can be replaced by another catalog with the same catalog name and unit (as they exist within the JSON file).
  • Cant Information Label: A new label type, Cant Information, is available. You can add alignment, cant, and profile information in these labels, which can be put at any station on an alignment.

New in Pressure Networks

  • When the Offset Style for a pipe run profile is set to Cut Length, the number of PVIs on a pipe run profile is reduced so that they are placed just at cut lengths and bends.
  • Added the ability to break a pressure pipe at a PVI point in profile view when editing the pipe run if the Offset Style for a pipe run profile is set to Cut Length
  • Added the ability to set the cut length for pressure pipes that do not have a default cut length.
  • Added the ability to follow different profiles in a pipe run. This feature is available on the Overrides tab of the Pipe Run Profile Settings dialog box in the Reference Profile column and replaces the Dynamic column. You can use this feature to create a station range that follows a layout profile
  • Added "Search by keyword" in the pressure parts drop down list to indicate that the list is searchable.
  • Added the ability to show the property set information that has been added to a pressure network or gravity network in plan view in a profile view label.
  • Updated the text of the warning regarding unsupported geometry in pipe runs

New in Subassembly Composer

  • Added the ability to create an auxiliary curve object, which is comparable to the existing Auxiliary Line and Auxiliary Point objects
  • Added an asterisk to the PKT name in the Subassembly Composer to indicate if there are any unsaved changes in a PKT file.

API Enhancements, added APIs to allow users to track back to the applied subassemblies from a corridor solid's GUID:

  • OffsetBaselineCollection[System::Guid offsetGUID]: get OffsetBaseline from OffsetBaselineCollection by its GUID
  • OffsetBaseline.OffsetGUID: get OffsetBaseline's GUID
  • BaselineRegionCollection[System::Guid regionGUID]: get BaselineRegion from BaselineRegionCollection by its GUID
  • BaselineRegion.RegionGUID: get BaselineRegion's GUID

New in Dynamo for Civil 3D: The Dynamo core version has been upgraded to Dynamo 2.13.

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